Safe performance, efficiency, consideration for natural environment… automobile manufacturers need to consider their products from several points of view. Many of the installed components such as In-vehicle sensors, Secondary battery, LED, CCD, Power devices, Car navigation system, ECU, Semiconductor, PCB etc. will be evaluated several times by using ESPEC’s environmental test chambers to pass rigorous environmental changes.

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Information Technologies

Information Technology is now increasingly upgrading year to year and suitable new network equipment and fiber-optic components are provided one after another. ESPEC’s environmental testing is often used to the field of Optical module/Optical devices, Semiconductor, Secondary battery, Personal computers, Capacitors, Mobile phones, PCB to prove a product’s integrity, verify manufacturer’s claims regarding operational limits, determine realistic warranty terms, and prepare procedures on proper and safe operation.

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Digital Consumer Electronics

The digital consumer products such as digital camera, printer, flat-panel TV etc. are becoming more compact and highly efficient year after year. The need for evaluation with ESPEC’s environmental test chambers for those products and related components such as LCD/PDP, Secondary battery, DVD/HDD/Storage, LED, PCB, Digital camera, Semiconductor, Printer/Copier is now increasing.

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New Energy

ESPEC’s temperature and humidity cycling test chambers are suited for testing next-generation energy module like Photovoltaic, Secondary battery, Fuel cell, Power devices, to ensure compliance with several test standards (IEC/UL/SAE etc.)

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