The LED still has an increasing demand, since the use of back light for mobile phone, in-vehicle lamp, traffic light and generic illumination. The effective production is an urgent task.

Espec solution

ESPEC provides batch furnaces like Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber (Platinous J Series) for resin hardening process, and for humidity test at inspection process and Vacuum Ovens for peforming at inspection processes of in-vehicle applications.

Secondary battery

The demand for secondary battery is increasing due to wider applications such as mobile phones, digital cameras, digital videos and hybrid cars. The Secondary Battery Industry has high requirements on safety measurements and cost performances.

Espec solution

ESPEC provides Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber for Charge-Discharge Testing

Power device

The power module for automobile inverter control began due to mass production of hybrid cars.

Espec solution

ESPEC has plenty of delivery records to HEV/EV market. ESPEC supports quality management systems from both sides of hardware (chamber) and software (testing methods). Please contact us for further information.

Car Navigation system

The memory media for Car Navigation Systems has been changing year to year and strengthening of the inspection system is required.

Espec solution

Due to many years of experience, ESPEC can provide low running cost and user-friendly chambers like Temperature Booth.

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