Evaluation systems

Electro Chemical Migration System (AMI)

Detects changes in insulation resistance with high precision

Detects decline of insulation resistance by continuous measurement while applying voltage under high-temperature, high-humidity conditions.

Interaction with the environmental test chambers

Interaction with the environmental test chambers enables accurate measurement and makes the best use of the test chambers.

Excels in detection of leak current

The leak-touch detection function detects the occurrence of ion migration in microsecond intervals. It immediately shuts off stress voltage to the channel when leak-touch is detected. You may choose whether to continue testing after detection (optional).

Precise insulation resistance

Measurement over a wide range of 1 x 106 to 3 x 1013 Ω at end of the 3m measurement cable (for AMI-025-P).

Stable stress voltage

One channel with one power supply guarantees no effect of voltage drop by leak on other channels. Each channel has also individual voltage monitor to secure correct voltage applied to each channel.

No interruption of voltage supply with specially designed scanner

ESPEC designed scanner guarantees "no interruption of voltage supply" from stress to measurement.

Global environmental awareness

Components are mounted by lead-free soldering. In addition, power consumption is reduced by 24%* (in comparison with the previous model) in consideration of global environmental problems. *except for purchased items such as PCs and measuring instruments.

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