Highly Accelerated Stress Test System (HAST)

Humidity resistance evaluation tests for electronic components

Customers require test results that correlate accurately to those from the field in a minimal amount of time. The HAST chamber series offers high performance, functionality and ease of use, and is compliant with the international IEC60068-2-66 standard. Many convenient functions and safety features are included for bias testing.

Wet and dry bulb temperature control (M type) conforms to IEC60068-2-66 standard

With ESPEC´s unique wet and dry bulb temperature control on M type chamber, temperature and humidity are measured directly using a wet and dry bulb temperature sensor. This ensures accurate temperature and humidity control over the entire process, from before testing to the post-testing temperature decrease or hold process. After testing is complete, both temperature and humidity are allowed to drop for a fixed period. In the hold process, the chamber is kept at a fixed environment until the door is opened and specimens are removed. This makes it possible to place a specimen in a constantly controlled temperature/humidity environment, and keep it from drying after returning to atmospheric pressure.

Easy program setting

Program capacity of 10 patterns with 30 steps per pattern. Simple operation using up and down keys for program setting, as well as adjustment of temperature, humidity and time values.

Safe and reliable door

The system employs a button operated automatic door locking mechanism. It prevents the door from being opened while the test chamber is pressurized.

Automatic humidifying water supply system

At the start of testing, the humidifying water needed for that test will be automatically taken from a water tank. A viewing point on the front side allows the remaining amount of water in the tank to be checked at a glance.

 Protection measures for specimen

Standard equipment includes a specimen power supply control terminal, which outputs contact signals to allow voltage and signals to be applied to the specimen during testing. When a problem occurs, specimens and chamber are fully protected. Power supply to the specimen is halted, and protection mechanisms for preventing overheating and boil-dry are activated. 

Highly Accelerated Stress Test System (HAST chamber) Model Comparison

VolumeInside dimensions
in mm (WxHxD)
Outside dimensions
in mm (excl. projection)
EHS-212MD+105 to +142,9°CYES75-100%0.020 to 0.196MPa (Gauge)21 L x2255 x 255 x 318760 x 1796 x 1000
EHS-222MD+105 to +142,9°CYES75-100%0.020 to 0.196MPa (Gauge)51 L x2355 x 355 x 426860 x 1796 x 1000
EHS-412MD+105 to +162,2°CYES75-100%0.020 to 0.392MPa (Gauge)21 L x2255 x 255 x 318760 x 1796 x 1000
EHS-212+105 to +142,9°CYES75-100%0.020 to 0.196MPa (Gauge)21 L255 x 255 x 318640 x 1483 x 850
EHS-222+105 to +142,9°CYES75-100%0.020 to 0.196MPa (Gauge)51 L355 x 355 x 426740 x 1553 x 1000
EHS-412+105 to +162,2°CYES75-100%0.020 to 0.392MPa (Gauge)21 L255 x 255 x 318640 x 1483 x 850 

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