Vacuum Oven

Double layered interior construction for great temperature uniformity

A double-layer construction with heater in between offers improved temperature uniformity, reduced heat loss and reduced heat-up time.

Variety of options for greater usability

There are 20 options available. Product will be factory-customized to best suit your application.

Pressure operation modes to choose for flexible programming

There are five operation modes available to select the pressure control. A wide variety of programs can be designed by combining constant-temperature operation and programmed operations. There are 40 pattern settings available, in which up to 99 steps can be programmed for each pattern of operation.

Vacuum Oven Model Comparison

VolumeInside dimensions
in mm (WxHxD)
Outside dimensions
in mm (excl. projection)
VAC-101P+40 to +200°CNO-933 x 10² to 1 x 102 Pa91 l450 x 450 x 450902 x 1392 x 780
VAC-201P+40 to +200°CNO-933 x 10² to 1 x 102 Pa216 l600 x 600 x 6001052 x 1532 x 930
VAC-301P+40 to +200°CNO-933 x 10² to 1 x 102 Pa512 l800 x 800 x 8001252 x 1772 x 1130

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