Environmental Stress Chamber AR series

  • 3°C/min is available with load of 50kg
  • Stable control at 95°C/98% rh
  • Free access from both sides of the chamber
  • Meets various international standards: IEC60068 (2-*.38*.78)
  • USB port for data memory & output
  • Refrigerant R-452A available

         *Humidity model only       

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    Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber Platinous J Series

    • Color LCD touch panel (N-instrumentation)
    • Smart Refrigerator and Dehumidifier System with PID control (Patent pending)
    • A sub refrigeration circuit for energy savings PL-2/3/4, PU-2/3/4, PSL, PG, PDL, PCR
    • PHP model Unique heat pipe cooling system enables silent, low energy consumption, low cost testing

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    Temperature Cycling Chamber Global-N Series

    • Temperature cycling rates from 5°C to 20°C/min are possible
    • Four interior volumes: 380, 470, 800 and 1000 liters (12, 16, 28 and 35 cubic feet)
    • Two different ultimate low temperatures are available: -40°C or -70°C
    • Color LCD touch panel (N-instrumentation)
    • Refrigerant R-449 is available
    • Dry-air purge and capacitive sensor possible as option

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    Environmental Chambers (Reach-in Type) ENX, ENL

    • Wide temperature range from -70ºC to +180ºC
    • Fast Temperature Cycling up to 17°C/min.
    • Color LCD touch panel (N-instrumentation)
    • Internal volume from 1200 l to 1700 l
    • Flexible performance and size design according to test parameter and sample

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