Thermal Shock

Thermal Shock Chamber (Air to Air) Damper Type TSA

  • Available model with low GWP refrigerant R-449A
  • Automatic setting of pre-cooling and pre-heating for energy saving
  • 1000 cycles continuous operation (option: defrost-free)
  • Easy wiring, Easy access from left side wall
  • 300 ºC Type, Volume 2200 l Type as customized
  • Less vibration stress on sample than elevator type (less risk of losing connection between specimen and wire)

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Thermal Shock Chamber (Air to Air) Elevator Type TSD TSE

  • Meets international standards IEC60068-2-14, MIL-STD-883
  • Specimen Temperature Trigger (STT) function
  • Smooth specimen transfer
  • Test area anti-drop mechanism to protect specimens
  • Easy wiring access from right side wall
  • Two different sized capacity test areas

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Thermal Shock Chamber (Liquid to Liquid) TSB

  • Higher stress on specimens than “air to air” thermal shock test
  • Low running cost by minimized liquid consumption
  • Both single-liquid and double-liquid brine applicable
  • Smooth transfer of specimens

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