Thermal Shock

Thermal Shock Chamber (Liquid to Liquid)

Accurate testing for electronics industry

"Liquid-to-Liquid" type thermal shock testing is now attracting attention for its ability to impose higher thermal stress on specimens than "Air-to-Air" type testing, and to deliver test results more rapidly.

A number of mechanisms for drastically reducing brine consumption

To reduce brine consumption, the airtightness of the test area has been enhanced to prevent vapor leakage and brine evaporation. Numerous mechanisms have also been adopted, including a water separation filter for removing brine from water for the purpose of brine recycling.

Both single-liquid and double-liquid brine applicable

Either single-liquid brine or double-liquid brine can be selected simply by switching valve. 

Smooth transfer of specimens

Thanks to an air cylinder system that suppresses vibration of the specimens and a new specimen loading system that prevents unnecessary stress to the specimens during transfers between the hot bath and the cold one, smooth transfer of specimens is possible.

Thermal Shock Chamber (Liquid to Liquid) Model Comparison

VolumeInside dimensions
in mm (WxHxD)
Outside dimensions
in mm (excl. projection)
TSB-22+70 to +200°C / -65 to 0°CNO--approx. 2.1 l120 x 150 x 1201140 x 1785 x 1240
TSB-52+70 to +200°C / -65 to 0°CNO--approx. 4.5 l150 x 150 x 2001200 x 1785 x 1320

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